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news • October 3, 2018


Ah, the promise of a day at the spa. Where you leave it all at the door and reconnect to your mind, body and soul. A mix of physical exercise, indulgent body treatments, and a much-needed respite from stress. Hours later, you emerge with a renewed sense of wellbeing and purpose. You feel like you again, only better. At The Modern, this feeling can be yours every day.

Of course, spas mean different things to different people. For some, it’s bench pressing 100 lbs. or power spinning. For others, it’s about the flexibility and balance found in yoga. And for others still, it’s just a matter of letting the dry heat of a sauna melt away worries – or better yet, having a masseuse do it for you.

That’s where The Modern comes in. Whatever your spa style, we’ve got it tailor-made, right here at home. You choose the day, the time, the level of commitment. Are you an every-morning type or do you prefer exercising after work? Once everyday or just on weekends? The beauty part is it’s all here at The Modern, waiting for you to decide. Change it up according your schedule and preferences. Go solo, meet your spouse or catch up with a friend. The Modern’s in-house spa amenities invite you to decide day by day.

Plan your spa day according to your schedule and style:


The Modern’s fitness center is as well-equipped as any outside gym – but far more convenient. It’s got dedicated spaces for weight training and cardio machines, as well as bikes for spinning. You can work with a trainer on site, or create your own routine. Water, fresh towels, showers and dedicated lockers add to the ease of working out before the office, or later, before dinner.


Ask any yogi or Pilates devotee, and they’ll tell you their needs are simple: a clean, open environment to place a mat. The Modern’s dedicated studio offers exactly that, as well as the essential quiet and calm to focus on your practice and give you peace of mind.




You can’t have a day at the spa without some kind of body treatment. The Modern offers a relaxing, private treatment room to have a massage. Or, should you require even more privacy after a long day, book a masseuse to come to your residence.


There’s something about slipping into hot, dry heat and sweating out the toxins built up over the course of a stressful day or after a rigorous workout. It’s like wringing out your body without even having to move.

Of course, every great spa also takes it outside, weather permitting. You could add laps to your routine, courtesy of the 81-ft. heated infinity pool, which also offers an outdoor shower. Or take a hike on the Palisades and breathe in the fresh air.