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news • September 4, 2018


Unless you’re a master chef on assignment, you probably don’t have the time, never mind budget, to travel the globe in pursuit of exotic culinary delights. Fortunately, if you live in Fort Lee, you don’t have to. It’s all here, waiting to sample. Drop in, take out, and in some cases, have it delivered to your door.

Name your favorite cuisine and start exploring. Options span every price point and category, from casual chic to fine dining. Each is authentic and highly rated. What makes Fort Lee such a culinary goldmine? Simple: a world of ethnicities has settled here, bringing their native cuisines with them. Look at the faces around you in a given restaurant, and you’re bound to see just how authentic it is. It would be impossible to list all of Fort Lee’s offerings, so here’s a quick sampling of local favorites.


Fort Lee enjoys a sizable Korean population, so it’s not surprising that it’s home to some of the best Korean restaurants in the tri-state area. So Kong Dong, 130 Main Street, is a hotspot that draws people from afar with its excellent tofu soup, kalbi and kimichi. Myung Dong Noodle House, 2013 Lemoine Ave, has much more than its namesake noodles; try the galbi, bulgogi and naegmyuni.


Menya Sandaime, 1638 Parker Ave. An authentic soup kitchen, known for its ramen and gyozas. If you have a yen for sushi, Yamagata Japanese Restaurant, 1636 Palisade Ave, is considered by many to serve among the best sushi in Fort Lee. Bada Story, 799 Abbotts Blvd, lives up to its translation (ocean) with amazingly fresh Korean-style Japanese sushi.


Soup Dumpling Plus, 1550 Lemoine Ave. This bustling eatery specializes in soup dumplings with shrimp and pork, crisp spring rolls and chow rice. Fish lovers can make their way to Aquarius Seafood, 230 Main St., for great dim sum – perfect for the whole family.


House of Malaysia, 242 Main Street, has specialties like Hainanese Chicken, Sambal shrimp, and banana leaf grilled skate.


Franco’s Metro, Plaza West Shopping Center. A popular spot, perfect for pasta and pizza, and famous for its garlic knots. Or try The Big Red Tomato, 1205 Anderson Ave., known for its gourmet pizzas. Caffe Milano is another great spot, located in the Doubletree Hotel at 2117 State Rt. 4. While featuring good Italian fare, the steak also gets rave reviews.


It’s Greek to Me, 1611 Palisade Ave. If you have a hankering for a classic gyro, souvlakis and baklava, this is the place for you.


Fort Lee caters to an all American palate too. Prime & Beyond is a premier steakhouse, small in size, huge in stature, with its renowned dry- aged ribeye cooked on an open grill. Right next to the iPic Theater, City Perch Kitchen & Bar, 2023 Hudson Street, is a seafood lover’s dream and is vegetarian-friendly too.

Bergen County, home to Fort Lee, enjoys some of the finest dining in the state, all just a quick drive from The Modern. Zagat called out seven of them: Café Matisse, Rutherford; Saddle River Inn, Saddle River; Local Seasonal Kitchen, Ramsey; Café Panache, Ramsey; Varka, Ramsey, Chef’s Table, Franklin Lakes; and Latour, Ridgewood. One of the most famous restaurants of all is in Fort Lee. People travel near and far to Hiram’s Roadstand, 1345 Palisade Ave. A beloved institution for decades, fast food doesn’t get better than its amazing hotdogs, burgers, chili, fries and onion rings.

Be sure to watch for the next issue of “The Modern Life” which will include exciting information on the full-service restaurant coming soon to the property.