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news • October 31, 2022

Coffee Cafes Near The Modern in Fort Lee With Great Food

Looking for a coffee café with amazing food, too? Here are three great cafes located near The Modern in Fort Lee, with incredible food.

Bean & Bean Fort Lee

Address: 189 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Family-owned since 2008, Bean & Bean Fort Lee roasts their coffee beans to order so you know you’re getting an incredibly fresh cup every time. Even better? Part of the proceeds of each order are donated to help injured sloths through a partnership with The Sloth Institute. 

The food here is also great! The hummus club (vegan) sandwich and each of the three different kinds of avocado toast (plain, with salmon, or with a poached egg) are highly recommended here. Learn more about Bean & Bean Fort Lee.

Caffe Bene

Address: 1636 Palisade Ave, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

For a coffee cafe whose name means Cafe Happy, Caffe Bene sure lives up to its name.

Step inside this charming cafe and you will immediately feel a vibe of happiness brought on by the desserts within view and the way the tables just seem to pull you closer to whomever you’re speaking with. 

At Caffe Bene, the coffee is delicious and so are the assortment of lattes and cappuccinos. But if you really want to understand why so many love sitting inside Caffe Bene, try the waffles with Nutella.  

Eggty 8 Cafe

Address: 140 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Another amazing place for coffee, breakfast and baked goods is Eggty 8 Cafe on Main Street. Serving a full menu of breakfast and lunch items, the team here is extra creative to make sure there’s something here for everyone to love like the bacon egg and cheese burger, triple decker club sandwiches, and a lot more. 

There’s also a full menu of coffees, and teas including rose green tea, chai tea latte, and more.  Learn more about Eggty 8 Cafe.