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news • August 12, 2022

Discover Museums Near The Modern in Fort Lee, NJ

Interested in learning something new today? Look no further than Fort Lee and NYC’s local museums. To help you decide on where to go first, here are a few of our favorites.

Fort Lee Museum

Located at 1588 Palisade Avenue in Fort Lee is none other than the ultra-cute Fort Lee Museum. But don’t let this rather small attraction fool you as it is packed with interesting information about Fort Lee. See old images and advertisements for Palisades Amusement Park, or discover Fort Lee’s contribution to film and more. The museum is closed due to renovations as of August 2022 but is expected to reopen in the coming months.

American Museum of Natural History

Have you stood beside a Titanosaur or a Stegosaurus? Located at 200 Central Park West, at 81st and Columbus Ave, the American Museum of Natural History, you might begin to feel just a bit small as you walk through the many exhibits featuring dinosaurs at full height, the 1,400 year old Giant Sequoia Tree, the gigantic Galapagos Giant Tortoise, or even the massive meteorites at Arthur Ross Hall. 

Timed-entry ticket reservations continue to be required for Museum entry and facial covers are also strongly recommended. Learn more about the American Museum of Natural History.

New-York Historical Society Museum and Library

Just across the bridge from Fort Lee is the New-York Historical Society Museum and Library. It might not sound like much but in fact, this is one of the best local museums in town. 

Here you’ll find exhibits covering much more challenging topics like race and equality and some of the current exhibits exemplify this idea perfectly, including “Confronting Hate 1937-1952,” “Title IX: Activism On and Off the Field,” and “Our Composite Nation: Frederick Douglass’ America.” Every exhibit is, in a way, life changing. So you can rest assured that a trip to the New-York Historical Society Museum and Library will spark your inner artist or activist. Learn more about the New-York Historical Society Museum and Library.